Toilet Door Design Singapore

Toilet Door Design Singapore

In Singapore apartments are compact the toilet is small so the toilet door is also planned to be compact to free up extra space in the toilet. In doorvisual we have customized your toilet door like inner panel color, mix and match with the wood and glass panel for your need.

In our doorvisual we have three types the toilet door slide and swing door, bi-fold toilet door, and glass toilet door for every type of HDB flat, condo, landed property, and workplaces in Singapore.

Different Types of Toilet Door Entrance

Slide and Swing Toilet Door  Design

Slide and swing door is a compact type toilet door in most homes in Singapore. Its operation mechanism is simple that is a slide and then swing to open & close and it does not have any latch or clip at the top of the frame that can easily get damaged.

In this type, we have aluminium framed with mix and matched the color combos of the glass panel available with us.

Pro’s Of Slide and Swing Toilet  Door

  1. Wide ranges of color tones
  2. Allow natural light to pass
  3. Durable
  4. Anti-corrosive
  5. Smooth open and free up space
  6. Lightweight
  7. Moisture-resistant
  8. Mix & Match of design for Panel
  9. Maintenance-free

Bi-fold Toilet Door Design

The most popular toilet door in the market is the bi-fold door. You can choose from the model and color and mainly you can also mix and match the color panel of the door.

A bi-fold door is the best choice when you looking for a low-cost door and it’s a simple modern-looking door. The door will be operated with a top and bottom pathway to open or close the door.

In door visual aluminum-framed bi-fold door will be available with us and it will be also used for the kitchen door.

Pro’s Of Bi-fold Toilet Door

  1. A low-cost option for homeowners
  2. Maintenance-free
  3. Smooth operation
  4. Free up space
  5. Aluminum frame is rust and corrosion-resistance
  6. Moisture resistance
  7. Allow to mix and match the inner panel color
  8. Stylish and simple design for a clean
  9. Durable material
Glass Toilet Door

Glass door is another easiest way to give your bathroom place a look classic and simple. You can also split your bathroom space and toilet space into separate dry and wet places with our beautifully designed glass toilet door.
Shower screen glass doors are available in a range of modern and elegant designs that will allow you to create a completely new look without undergoing a complete bathroom makeover. When you planning to buy a glass toilet door in Singapore, doorvisual has several options on hand.

Pro’s of Glass Toilet Door

  1. Attractive
  2. Customizable for your need
  3. Long-lasting & Desirable
  4. Low Maintenance
  5. Less Molding


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