Solity GR-50BK Digital Lock

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Solity GR-50BK Premium Fingerprint Digital Lock

Door Unlock Options: Fingerprint | Passcode | RFID Card | Mechanical Key

– Fast & Accurate fingerprint recognition (0.9 sec)
– Sleek design with black full body and chromed colour
– 15-degree ergonomic design for the perfect comfort
– Mechanic key support for emergency use
– Free installation
– 2 Year local warranty

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Solity GR-50BK Special Features:

  • Fake passcode function
  • High Temperature Detection & Fire Alarm Detection
  • Electric Shock Neutralization
  • Internal Double Lock Function
  • External Double Lock Function
  • Intrusion & Breakage Alarm
  • Lock Function to Prevent Mischief
  • Silent Mode
  • Volume Setting
  • Water Resistant
  • Automatic & Manual Settings
  • Battery Replacement Notification
  • Emergency Power Supply
SOLITY GR-50BK Special Features


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