Kaiser H7690 Digital Door Lock


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Kaiser H7690 Digital Door Lock

Door Unlock Options: Fingerprint | Passcode | RFID Card | Mechanical Key | Bluetooth (Option)

Kaiser+ H7690 (aka H7090) Push-Pull Premium Digital Lock with 4 in 1 access to secure your home now

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Kaiser H7690 (aka H7090) Technical Specification:

  • Easy open and shut feature(Panic release handle method)
  • Fire safety features (Built-in temperature sensor, automatic opening)
  • Door-opening feature using the fingerprint, password, card or emergency key
  • Self-diagnosis feature
  • Alarm feature in preparation for intrusion or theft
  • One-touch opening/locking feature
  • Pattern locking feature(Option)
  • Remote open and shut feature(Option) Double locking feature
  • One-touch opening/locking feature
  • Imaginary number feature (Password protection)(Optional)
  • Remote Control feature(Optional)
  • Home network system interlocking(Optional)
  • Electric shock neutralization feature
  • Automatic locking / relocking
  • Master management(Optional)
  • Button lighting device for identification at night
  • Motion sound size control feature
  • Dual authentication mode(Option)
  • Double security feature when registering the password and card(Optional)
  • My own emergency key(Option)

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