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“Gates are the first level of security, secure your home with our gate”

Are you looking for an ideal solution to increase your security or privacy? On the other hand, you might consider adding a beautiful final touch to your properties? Whatever the reason, choosing the right main gate is essential to achieving your goals for your home.

Our doorvisual is the top choice for your gate solution, we providing wide varieties of gates model and trendy design. We have manufacturing products in our own factory, the gate type we have are mild steel gate, laser-cut gate, wood mix gate, and wrought iron gate.

Different Types of Metal Gate

Mild Steel Gate

A large proportion of the domestic market for gates is made from steel, that is why in Singapore, the most popular and commonly used gate for HDB, CONDO, Landed property, and industrials places is the mild steel gate. Using the mild steel gate in your place will give you a lot of benefits.

DoorVisual is a direct manufacturer and supplier of Mild Steel Gate for all types of apartments and workplaces in Singapore.

Laser Cut Designer Gate

Cutting in metal fabrication in gate making is the most basic and widely used process. When it comes to laser cutting in gates is the go-to technology to giving you unbelievable designs of gates. Laser cutting gates will definitely change your home to look unique from others.

If you have a design, share that with our expert laser cut design team, if not our design team will work with you to converts your thoughts into a unique home gate. We also do some personalized work in your gate like laser-cut names and laser-cut numbers as if required.

Wood Mix Designer Gate

Are you searching for the gate that looks stand out from others? If yes, try out our wood mix gate.

The doorvisual we have a wide collection of design that customers to choose from. This type of gate is highly customizable for your need if you have any idea share with our design team and we will do the rest.

Classic Wrought Iron Gate Design

If you’re looking for a way to improve the appearance and security of your home, there’s nearly no better solution than installing a wrought iron gate on your property.

It has long been a popular choice for homeowners who all are looking to refresh their home’s appearance. However, before you can install wrought iron gates in your home, you need to choose the right material, and in this regard, there’s no better choice than wrought iron.

Why Wrought Iron Gate?

  1. Durable and Long-Lasting
  2. Lots of classic design options
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Rust resistance
  5. Strong material
Wrought Iron Gate 2021

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