We are here to provide you with the best designs and models of the main door, bedroom door, customized door, and toilet door.

We provide a door for your HDB, Condo / Landed Property, and other places for our customer’s requirements.

We come up with the best models of the entrance door that is laminated entrance door and veneer entrance door. We also have a laminated and veneer door with more customize door combos with groove line patter / stainless steel mix pattern. We also have fire rated door for the main entrance door with proper approved certifications.

HDB Main Door Entrance

DoorVisual is the one-stop solution for your main entrance door, we are here with a super cool trendy cluster of main doors.

We have our own manufacturing team in Singapore to provide a door for your HDB, Condo, BTO, and Landed property.

In the main door, we have a laminate entrance door and a veneer entrance door, in both doors we provide extra sub-options and we also have a fire-rated main entrance door with proper approved certifications.

The main door comes up with a standard size that is 3×7 feet single leaf door and 4×7 feet double leaf door and if you want any other need, we also ready to do customization for your needs.

Laminate Designs Singapore
Wide Rage Formica Laminate Designs

Laminate Main Door

The laminate entrance door is a fashionable addition in the market. The door has a very sturdy surface and solid core. Its surfaces are scratch and water-resistant, hence it is the best option for those who have pets and young children at home.

In our DoorVisual, we have fire-rated, fully solid, and full solid with groove line designed laminate entrance doors are available with as and we do customization also.

How Laminates are Made in Singapore 2021

Pro’s Of Laminate Main Entrance Door

  1. Resistant from water, scratch, and sound
  2. Dust-free and easy to maintain a door
  3. Fire-rated addon available
  4. Odour free because no need to paint or varnish the door
  5. Latest material and trendy one
  6. Can withstand any climate changes
  7. The door maintain your home with the current trend

Veneer Main Entrance Door

Veneer door is the best low-cost door option for your home entrance. As compared to the laminate door, the veneered door also has varieties of designs and models. 

These door skins have thin slices of wood or bark on the surface of the door, it will be a process of gluing one or more layers to make core panels. So this can be made for any design to match your home theme. Veneer door provides classic design for HDB and CONDO and it is the one of the latest solutions for houses. 

Pro’s Veneer entrance door

  1. Reasonable price rate
  2. Gives natural wood feel
  3. Affordable aesthetics
  4. Versatility
  5. Durability
  6. Easy to rework
Veneer Main Door

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