In general, the laminate door is our recommendation for door choices as this will endure longer than others.

If you have young people playing in the home or have pets, you may worry about watch it out and prevent the door damages from them. You may envision a scratch-free door, and the greatest option is the water resistance.

Laminate bedroom door is recognised for its dust-free and maintenance-free, scratch, heat, water and noise resistance. Get ready to be carried to a cool and shiny finish on a warm beach with a simple touch or high-tech entertainment centre. The customization can be done as per your requirements.

Pro’s of Laminate Bedroom Door

  1. Wide range of option
  2. No painting or varnishing required
  3. Resistant to water, scratch, and sound
  4. Great selection of patterns and wood grain
  5. Maintenance-free
  6. Durable and hard material
Laminate Bedroom Door

Showroom Grand Opening Sale 2021

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