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Every homeowner believes that building your living room is more trendy and enjoyable, especially if you pick up the entrance to your dormitory. Because the door is a key part of the home’s attraction, after a day’s taxation it is a place to relax.

Our portal options, such as laminate, veneer, classic and barn, are often selected.

Depending on our customer demands, we may produce a customised product like a groove line at our door surface.

Different Types of Bedroom Door Entrance:


  • Full solid laminated entrance bedroom door
  • Veneer bedroom door
  • Barn bedroom door
  • Classic bedroom door


In general, the laminate door is our recommendation for door choices as this will endure longer than others.

If you have young people playing in the home or have pets, you may worry about watch it out and prevent the door damages from them. You may envision a scratch-free door, and the greatest option is the water resistance.

Laminate bedroom door is recognised for its dust-free and maintenance-free, scratch, heat, water and noise resistance. Get ready to be carried to a cool and shiny finish on a warm beach with a simple touch or high-tech entertainment centre. The customization can be done as per your requirements.

Pro’s of Laminate Bedroom Door

  1. Wide range of option
  2. No painting or varnishing required
  3. Resistant to water, scratch, and sound
  4. Great selection of patterns and wood grain
  5. Maintenance-free
  6. Durable and hard material
Laminate Bedroom Door


The most common bedroom door for householders is the Veneer door. If the client desires it, the fire rated alternative is available. The latest housing options include Veneer Door. Your bedroom will be more trendy and traditional. We provide a variety of veneer door styles that match your home.

Veneer Bedroom Door

Pro’s of Veneer Bedroom Door

  1. Authentic look
  2. Refinishing options are vast in range
  3. Uniformity
  4. Durable
  5. Affordable price


The barn bedroom door offers the natural beauty of the wood and may be modified to your need. The most appropriate way to choose are householders that wish to look at their own doors to be daring, simplified and attractive. The door visual gives the finest quality barn door for your inside.

Custom Sliding Barn Door Styles


The classic door will be the perfect choice if you are looking for the budget friendly door option for your property. The door is more adaptable and may be adapted to the motif of your property.

The classic door is an alternative for homeowners that is lightweight and affordable. The right solution for your door in your bedroom is this sort of door. This provides your house interior design more freedom.

Classical doors are long lasting and will not warp like genuine wood. Your door is easy to clean & keep.

Pro’s of Classic Bedroom Door

  1. It does not warp in the same way that natural wood does.
  2. You can use any colour you like for this.
  3. Option that is cost-effective.
  4. Support in any weather situation
  5. Resistance to water and sound
Bedroom Door Design Singapore
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